What's on my iPhone?

Hey guys, bringing you something different today because I've seen the videos on YouTube and I'm hoping you guys are inquisitive (nosy) like me too! Like most people, I spend a lot of time on my phone and it's usually never far from me. I use it for so many things and with the current situation, I find myself reaching for it more and more. I try to stop myself but it's difficult sometimes so I recently went through a purge and deleted apps that I didn't find useful and only left the ones I felt are useful for me. Aside from the Apple Standard front page, the 2nd page on my iPhone is organised into folders. I don't really like having to scroll through so many pages to find what I want. I have a friend who has close to 10 pages to scroll through on his phone - STRESS! So, without further ado, let's get into it! My folders are organised by function as per below:

FAITH - Bible apps (I have a few because they all have different functionality that I use when studying):

  1. YouVersion - best for variety of free bible translations and bible plans. Also good for using with friends

  2. Olive Tree - highlighter and notes capability with a parallel view for studying different verses at the same time

  3. Bible Study - has concordances that I use online

  4. In Touch - devotional and teachings by Charles Stanley (my favourite teacher: he breaks the word down in manageable, easy to understand chunks)

Shopping - I'm not going to link these because they are quite popular:

  1. ASOS - my favourite online clothes retailer

  2. Amazon - I'm on this literally every day! Jeff Bezos needs to pay me a commission

  3. Klarna - good for finding alternative retailers if you are looking for unique items

  4. Wayfair - I use this to get stuff for my house. Again, quite good for unique items

  5. Farfetch - Ok, so I have never shopped on here but I like to create wishlists and look at pretty things :)

Finance - I don't remember the last time I walked into a physical bank because I do everything online:

  1. Yolt - I use this to track my spending on all my current accounts and also check to see if I'm staying within my budgets so I don't have to download statements

  2. Chip - I love this app! I can put away small chunks of money every few weeks and forget about it until I REALLY need it

  3. Clearscore - very good for checking your credit report and score. I use this to make sure information about my accounts are correct

Social & Entertainment - This is what I spend my downtime on:

  1. Instagram - what can I say...follow me @NatallieA

  2. Pinterest - I love this app for finding ways to do things myself. I've found new recipes for cooking/baking and also ways to make my own beauty products e.g. facemasks

  3. YouTube - I like to watch natural hair videos because your girl needs help!

  4. ZOOM - I use this for my weekly bible study and church meetings

Productivity - for when I want to learn a new skill or work on my existing skills:

  1. WIX - I use this app to keep track of activity on my blog

  2. Dropbox - I store all my data on the cloud!

  3. Udemy - there are so many great courses (paid/free) for every topic you can imagine!

  4. Dictionary - I don't know whether to move this into my faith folder because I use this during my bible study. It's amazing how many word meanings we don't fully understand

I hope you guys find something useful in this post and also if there are any apps you can recommend, leave me a comment!

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