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Walk THROUGH That Valley!

Hey guys, I just wanted to share some of my reflections over the last few weeks because it just makes me love my Father in heaven even more. To be honest, the last few weeks have been so strange for me and looking back, I felt as if I was walking through a dense fog most days. That probably doesn't make much sense but I can't even think of the words that accurately describe how I've felt, except for strange. It's been strange. I felt strange. Things felt strange. And that made me nervous. Because I like to know what's going on and when I feel like things around me are not making sense to me, I get really nervous. I had conversations with people close to me and even when they reassured me, it would sink for a moment and then that feeling would return. I finally stopped to reflect and that's when I heard it...I am the redeemed of the Lord.

It suddenly dawned on me why I'd felt so strange! I had been beating myself up and basically allowed my thoughts to take me down a dark route. Literally. I questioned everything, from my ability to hear from God to my calling. I started to slowly pull apart everything I had been doing, berating myself for not doing more, questioning what I was doing and wondering if God was even pleased with what I was doing. You can imagine how much fun the devil would've had with those thoughts, and boy did he feed them! I fed them! I turned to social media to take my mind off the things that didn't make sense to me and was reluctant to spend quality time with God. It became a vicious cycle of needing God to pull me out and then pulling away from Him becasue I condemned myself. It was a rollercoaster - and this was all in the space of a couple of weeks!

Now, writing this blog post, I'm smiling because God has been steadily reminding me of His faithfulness. Through His word. Namely, Psalm 107:2 which says:

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He has delivered from the hand of the enemy

As I reflected on this verse, I reminded myself of the new covenant God made with me last year. When He called to do His work. When He laid the idea for this website on my heart. When He saved my life. When He gave me His word when I needed it most. And even just now, opening up my dashboard to write this post, I see the name of the website, Daughter of Covenant, and it's just the SWEETEST reminder I needed that I am redeemed! There are so many more things I could share about the last few weeks but I'll leave you with the following tips:

  • Do not try to validate your self-worth/calling outside of God's word and if you do go on social media, be mindful what you feast your eyes on (just because it sounds good don't mean it's from God!)

  • Do BE STILL in the presence of God and WAIT on Him (Patience!)

  • Do rebuke those negative thoughts as soon as they come and declare positive words over yourself (the word of God works!)

  • Do seek Godly guidance/get a prayer partner who can encourage you to pray (pray without ceasing!)

  • DO NOT stop doing what God called you to do (this will really burn the devil because his plans fail even more!)

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