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Ideas for Lockdown Activities

So, I know everyone is saying 2020 is cancelled but let's give it a chance - it's still early days. If you're reading this, you're most likely quarantining and probably have been for a while. If you're anything like most people I've spoken to (or me on a bad day), you want this to be over quickly so you can get back to the way things were. Now, before you wish away this precious time we have, hear me out. You can say the idea of quarantining is not new to me; in fact, I actually think the idea of quarantine came from me. I think I invented self-isolation and learned a few things about how to spend my time during this period.

Book + blanket + immune system booster = little things :)

  1. Get closer to God: this absolutely goes without saying. The worst thing you can do is not utilise the opportunity to spend uninterrupted time with your Father and hear all the wonderful, enlightening things He has to say to you!

  2. Rest: yes, I said it - REST! The whole world is at a standstill and for the first time, it feels like we actually have permission to do nothing. As someone who needs to rest quite a bit, I actually relish the opportunity to do that more now. God rested on the seventh day so take your rest seriously.

  3. Learn a new skill: there is so much free resource for learning new skills that if you really wanted to, there is no excuse. Naturally, I have to promote this because I am an HR Professional and this is what we do :) Here are a few of my fave sites: Udemy, YouTube, LinkedIn Learning (1 month free), Duolingo (learning languages). I also started to bake and totally see a Great British Bake Off win in my future!

  4. Start a blog: we all have so much to offer and sometimes a blog can be a great way to express our creativity and share our thoughts with the world. I'm not yet an expert on blogging so I can't really give you lots of tips except to write your heart out! I currently use WIX for blogging but there are other platforms which are equally easy to use: Blogger, Wordpress, etc.

  5. Catch up on Netflix: Yup, Netflix and Chill! Or, Disney Plus and Sing-a-long? Anyway, Disney Plus is offering a 7-day free trial so if you haven't yet, sign up and rewatch your favourite animated classic. Yes, I said animated because Disney cartoons live in my heart forever. My favourite is Beauty and the Beast and my children will love it too.

  6. Listen to new music: Currently listening to Kierra Sheard's new album on Spotify. It's called Kierra and my favourite song on there at the moment is Something Has To Break (ft. Tasha Cobbs Leonard). I also love the Best Live Worship playlist which has hours of really chill worship music.

  7. Exercise: yes, I don't exercise as much as I should but that doesn't mean I can't encourage you to exercise, right? I'm just not allowed to talk about it too much so I'll just leave at that :)

  8. Declutter and/or redecorate your home: I moved into my flat two years ago and haven't really changed much but I decluttered my bedroom and have a lot of clothes to donate to charity and recycle. Plus, I (me, myself and I) assembled a new tv stand for my living room which has given it a bright new look and made me want to spend more time in there. Next stop, repaint the entire flat!

  9. Read a few books: saved one of the best for last. I love books and over the past few months, I started to feel guilty about the number of books that sat unread on my bookshelf so I'm so happy to have a bit more time to read. I am currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain and let me tell you, INTROVERTS UNITE! Just reminding you, or letting you know, I am an introvert haha.

Don't be in a rush to fill up all your time and I strongly recommend you prioritise suggested activity 1 - everything else just feels better then. Enjoy and let me know what you enjoy doing during this period!

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