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Enduring Faith

James 1:3 - "...because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance."

The bible has so many stories about enduring faith that inspire many not to give up when tests and trials come, which they always do. In the book of James, we are encouraged to have joy in these trials and tests as they build our endurance which ultimately increases our faith and our ability to overcome obstacles. Enduring faith serves many other purposes including inspiring others to endure in similar situation and thereby teaching us and others about the nature of God. There is no end to the examples that exist in the bible and in our lives and the lives of others that demonstrate the benefits of faith that endures.

  • Faith that endures is faith that will allow the manifestation of greater and mightier works through the power of God.

  • Faith that endures will allow us to grow deeper in conviction about what God can do (anything & everything) and therefore gradually removes any limitations our human understanding places on what God can do for us.

  • Faith that endures will see beyond the physical and learn to see things the way God does.

  • Faith that endures does not need to have all the answers but rather focuses on the faithfulness and goodness of God and the victory of God over every work of darkness that threatens God's light in our lives.

Paul writes about enduring the race set before us in order to gain the crown of salvation which is our ultimate everlasting reward for our faith (2 Timothy 4:7). Aside from that, tests and trials often come to teach us new lessons which promote growth in a particular area of our lives. Through this growth, God opens our eyes to see new attributes that we can also embody and share with others. For instance, someone who goes through a period of illness and is healed will most likely have an increase of faith in the area of healing, having that experience of God healing them. This shared testimony will encourage others to see God as a healer who can help them overcome any sort of ailment they might have. Another person who has overcome sinful behaviours/habits will testify of God's mercy and faithfulness in the fact that He continues to use them as a vessel to share the gospel, despite past mistakes.

As we grow in faith, our capacity and readiness to do the will of God increases. This in turn brings increase to the kingdom of God as our lives become a shining example of the marvellous works of God. Enduring faith ensures that we do not give up on the race that is set before us but rather we take things in our stride, build resilience to life's challenges, learn during the process and enjoy the rewards of fulfilment from defeating the enemy in FAITH!

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