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Where is your faith?

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! I took a little break from writing and I missed it so much so I'm back! The reason I came back is to remind you of something. To remind you of where you've placed your faith. Is it where you think it is because you call yourself a Christian? Or do you walk and talk according to where your faith is placed? The reason for bringing this up is that I feel it's important our faith is placed in the right place, for the second half of this year. The first half has beaten us up and shaken and moved us about so much that maybe our faith wobbled a little bit? Maybe we started to make our own contingency plans to make ourselves feel more secure, a little better? Or our faith simply shifted and due to the sheer amount of things happening in our lives, we didn't even notice!

Let's start with Romans 4:17 which says that Abraham (who was justified through FAITH, not the law) believed in the God who 'gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not'. Do you know who else believed in the same God and trusted Him even when they could not see what was ahead? To name a few; Moses, David, Joseph, Isaac, Ezekiel, etc. In Hebrews 11, we read the different examples of acts of faith that various individuals in the bible took and we see what the result of those acts are. They are so inspiring and encouraging and each time I read about the lives of these great believers, my faith is revigorated! I myself have had to reflect on my own level of faith beacsue I catch myself wondering what else I haven't yet achieved this year and I start to feel a little dejected.

Thankfully, I do stop those thoughts in their tracks and remind myself that there is nothing happening in my life that is a mystery or surprise to God. Equally, there is nothing God cannot do and because God abides in me, there is nothing I cannot do. I wrote another blog post about the bible study our group did, discussing faith and listening to the conversations, I realised I was not alone. So many of us can relate but sometimes are reluctant to admit it, even to ourselves, because we don't want to seem as if we don't believe or have faith in God. In fact, it's quite the opposite. There are times when even though we put all our focus into knowing that God is able, a little unbelief creeps in and shakes us. But the beauty of faith is recognising that unbelief and shaking it off before it shakes you!

So before you beat yourself up for not achieving the goals you set for this year, remind yourself that your destiny is not tied to what the pandemic did to the economy or the opinions others have about this year, but rather to God. Go ahead with everything He told you to do and don't restrict yourself to man's timing. Just because you wanted something this year and God gives it to you next year doesn't mean He's not God. Trust His will and timing for your life, not your contingency plans or your timetable. He is not phased, and you shouldn't be either! *wink*

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