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Why you need to awaken your creative mind

The path to dreams coming true looks very different for everyone but one thing is certain: those dreams don’t come true out of nothing. As children of God who carry His Spirit and power, we have the imagination of the One who created the whole world and everything in it. If you’re not sure you have the ability to dream, let me tell you, you absolutely do have that ability. It might need to be refined and developed but it’s definitely there. Recently, I’ve been spending more and more time exploring my creativity (for several reasons) and it has just been the best thing ever. I never considered myself to be a creative person - my only experience with creativity has been reading a lot my whole life and more recently, writing for you lovely people! So, why the sudden interest in being more creative?

I have seen so much on social media about ‘manifesting’ your future and whilst I don’t agree with this as a Godly principle to follow, like I said before, we are creative by the nature of the Spirit of God we carry. Part of this exploration has been thinking a lot about my future. Imagining what I want God to do for me and then following up with prayers and plans to make those things become real. The very definition of faith. I have spoken with people in the past who really struggled with exploring their imagination and that’s fine. It takes time and lots of inspiration. It also takes a lot of patience. So, how can you develop this creativity. Here are five things you can do to become more creative:

  1. Think: sounds simple, right? Ok, think about the last time you sat down to do nothing except think. Exploring whatever is in your mind, no matter how small or big. Now think specifically about your future and ask God to show you. Then practice thinking prayerfully. God will always give us the desires of our heart once our heart remains connected to Him.

  2. Brainstorm: Put pen to paper and just write (or draw) whatever comes to mind until it starts to make sense to you. Or appealing 😂

  3. Be positive: you cannot be fully creative when you have negative thoughts limiting you. Remind yourself of how fabulous you are and BELIEVE it because it’s true. Have a few bible verses to remind you of who you are when those thoughts come.

  4. Be curious: one thing I love about myself, when something comes to mind, imma Google it! I LOVE learning new things and I think that’s also a creative side of me I’m starting to realise and appreciate. If your mind asks a question, go find the answer. You never know how it’ll inspire you in the present or the future.

  5. Stay committed: someone once told me, quite bluntly 😑, that I struggle to stay committed to things. They were right but I’ll never tell them that 🤐. You see the wonderful thing about point number 4, it’ll also probably be your biggest distraction. If you’re determined to be creative and develop that side of you, commit to it and you’ll see the difference.

Now, someone tell me how my commitment to writing blogs over the last 2 years has improved my writing so I’ll be encouraged to continue 😁. I joke! Comment below and let me know what tips you have for developing creativity.

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