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A Happy Week

Hey guys, hope you've had a good week! Today marks the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 but the awareness definitely does not end here. Our health (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.) needs to take priority every single day, no exceptions. One thing I'm really pleased about is the fact that I was able to post something every day apart from on Saturday when I didn't get a chance to. I had a good reason for it too. I decided to put some of the things I had posted about into practice, to lift my mood and make the most of a rainy but still beautiful day. I was rewarded with a nice double rainbow on my way home which was definitely the cherry on top of a very lovely day.

For my post today, I simply want to share some information about organisations that can help with maintaining good mental health and most of these resources are free for you.

  1. Mental Health Foundation: A mental health charity that offers advice and support to develop and maintain good mental health

  2. MIND: A mental health charity that offers advice and guidance regarding mental health

  3. Samaritans : A suicide helpline that's open 24/7, 365 days a year!

In addition to the above, organisations offer occupational health and employee assistance programs that can offer free counselling and advice on various things. These resources are definitely worth exploring and should not be forgotten. It's important to reach out when you need help and most importantly, reach out to professionals. In one of my posts this week, I mentioned the importance of sharing things that make you anxious but it's also important to share with someone who is in a position to help you. Someone who will tell you the truth and has an objective view of your situation and can add a different perspective. The hardest part can be picking up the phone or taking a few minutes of your time to explore these resources but I urge you to do so and your mind will thank you for it!

Stay positive guys!

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