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Positive Vibes Only!

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It's day 5 guys, and I'm still at it! 😊 I'm so pleased about how disciplined I have been in actually posting everyday like I said I would and that's kept me in such a positive state of mind. Which is what today's post will be about - positive vibes. I'm all about the positive vibes and actively seek to keep myself in a positive space regardless of what I'm going through. Personality assessments will usually categorise individuals as optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, etc. and all these personality traits have pros and cons but most people desire to be optimistic. I would consider myself to be optimistic and I hope most people would agree. I also have a tendency to lean towards the realistic, adopting a more pragmatic approach to certain situations that require a logical/methodical thought process. So, how do I remain optimistic? Here's 5 things I do:

  1. Start with yourself: it's very rare to have complete control over the things that happen around you which means the ability to remain optimistic lies entirely in your hands. I personally work very hard to see the good in things and where I cannot influence a situation, I calmly dust my heels off and keep it moving.

  2. Be mindful of boundaries: what I mean is, set boundaries and make sure others (& even you) don't cross those lines. This probably requires a dedicated blog post but if this is something you feel you need to get better at, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend goes into a lot of detail about how we can set meaningful boundaries in various areas of our lives!

  3. Get active: nothing like a long walk to clear your head after a heated argument or long and stressful day. Staying active releases important *insert super scientific stuff here* in your body that can actually help cheer you up and change your mood. Trust, me, I don't know the name of the chemicals, but they exist so just go for walk, ok? 😁

  4. Don't run: ok, I don't mean exercise running. What I mean is, when a difficult situation presents itself, do not avoid it entirely. Deal with it in a timely manner and seek help with this where you need to. Some burdens can, and should be, shared with loved ones.

  5. Repeat after me...: speak positive things over yourself and avoid believing lies about yourself. These can also come from others so make sure if/when you're around people who speak negatively about you, rebuke that spirit and let God comfort you with His words!

Stay positive and enjoy your weekend!

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