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Are You Ready to Fulfil God's Word?

Something struck me when I was reading about the ministry of Jesus in the book of Matthew. Jesus was the walking living word come to pass and He literally fulfilled the word of God that had been spoken about Him years and years before He was even born. Once these words had been spoken by God, in order to bring that word to life, Jesus literally lived out what the word said about Him. There are at least four different occasions when Jesus did this:

  1. When Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptised so He could start His ministry, John tried to dissuade Jesus out of recognition of His superiority as the son of God. Jesus declined this honour, instead asking John to carry out the baptism so that the scripture would be fulfilled. Matthew 3:15

  2. Jesus taught in the temple, reading out a scripture in Isaiah that referred to Him. After reading this, Jesus confirmed that the scripture had been fulfilled in their presence. Some understood and believed but others rejected this. Luke 4:21

  3. Close to the time when He would die, Jesus asked His disciples to go and get a donkey so He could ride into Jerusalem, again so that the scripture would be fulfilled again. Matthew 21:4

  4. During his final days before His death, when the high priests sent their men to capture Him, Jesus dissuaded one of His disciples from preventing His arrest as it needed to happen to fulfil the scripture. Matthew 26:53-54

Now, God is still very much in the business of speaking and sending His word out for it to be fulfilled but we sometimes overthink what God requires from us. For me personally, God has been speaking to me in my dreams where He shows me doing/saying something that is yet to happen. I often found that once the situation God showed me came up, I hesitated about what action I needed to take. I would often go back to God in prayer, asking for direction. And that's when it hit me! The direction had already been given when God revealed the situation to me. With this being a relatively new revelation, I'm just in awe of how God works and how infinite His wisdom is. I'm grateful for the insight which I now share with you. Think about what God has spoken to you; what action is He waiting on you to take? What word are you waiting for instructions on? Maybe God has already revealed the instruction in the word - search the meaning of what God has spoken to you because sometimes the answer is right there in the word/dream/vision He has shown you!

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