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New beginnings: moving on

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

There will be several times in your life when God allows you to go through experiences that will require you to leave the old behind in order to receive what's new. Some of these we look forward to, others are a little harder, especially when it involves leaving behind things that we once loved. New seasons sometimes also require a new us. I don't mean having a personality transplant and being a completely different person. When we are ushered into a new season, we often learn a new perspective and some new lessons that continue our transformation into who God has called us to be. These new perspectives and lessons also mean that when we're in our new season, we're ready to receive the best of what God has prepared for us.

One person in the bible who is a good example of this is Ruth. The book of Ruth really tells the story of two women who both entered new seasons but had very different journeys. After reading the book of Ruth with a different lens this time, I picked out a few new things to learn. That's the other thing about new perspectives - you see things differently and sometimes old things look and feel new! Anyway, here's what I learned when I put on my new lens for the book of Ruth:

  1. Recognise the signs: with everything that she went through, it would've been very easy for Ruth to be resigned to a tragic story and letting that define her. Instead, with Naomi's move back to Bethlehem, she saw the signs of a new beginning, even if she didn't fully see what that future would bring.

  2. Determination: After recognising the possibility of a new future, Ruth was determined not to let it go. Even with Naomi dissuading her and encouraging her to go in a different direction, Ruth saw what she wanted and nothing was going to stop her.

  3. Action/hard-work: Entering into a new land, Ruth and Naomi had to start building from scratch and that's exactly what Ruth did. She worked hard to provide for herself and Naomi.

  4. See the impact: When they both arrived at Bethlehem, the town was "stirred" with their presence. When you're in a place you're meant to be in, things happen. Physically and spiritually. People just know when they see you. Even before you know yourself, others sense it and the environment responds to it. Recognise the signs.

  5. Move on: We don't see any account of Ruth holding onto her past and allowing it to define her. Naomi, upon entering Bethlehem immediately asked to be referred to as Mara, because of everything she's been through. The tragic events that led to this are understandable - I cannot imagine the pain of losing a husband and sons. Having said that, even Naomi seemed to have found a way to embrace her new beginning, having a grandson through Ruth and Boaz.

Hopefully there are a few of these lessons you recognise from new season in your own life. Look out for a post dedicated to recognising the signs of when God is bringing you into something brand new!

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