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Lord, send your rain!

Happy New Year to you! I just about missed the start of the year, just about 😅, so I think I can still say that since it's my first post this year. And what a post this is! Honestly, I'll keep this very short because I believe what you will receive from reading this post is more than anything I can write on here. My prayer, as you read this, is for God to open your eyes and pour out His Spirit on you and more importantly, open the eyes of your understanding to catch this word! Let's get into it.

If you haven't read the account of creation in a while, please, when you finish reading this post, go and read Genesis chapters 1 and 2. You will be blessed. I have been over the last few weeks as I have studied the account of how we came to be here, enjoying the 'magic' of typing words that appear on a screen all around the world. I'm sorry, I'm yet to hear a believable explanation of how I can turn on a TV and see people in HD. The account of creation is way easier to believe and understand 😁. Anyway, as I read the end of the account of the 7 days of creation, I remembered something a friend shared about how God formed the world and then brought life to it. I can't explain it all on here but the key text to explain this is from Genesis 2:5 - 7. After God had created all the living things, including man, He did 2 things to bring life into them: God brought rain and breathed into man. These two things started the cycle of life we all enjoy now.

Now, think about how God works in your life and how He starts and completes things. Everything around us have life (or has come from something that has life) because that's all that existed in the beginning. Without life-giving water, I wouldn't get to be the plant mum I am now. Without the breath of God, there would be no one to tend to the living things God created. Do you see how important those two things are? Their importance didn't end at the start of creation. Notice how God still sends rain to water the earth; He set seasons for rain to come and water the earth so that after dryness, there would be life (Leviticus 26:4). That's the same way God works in our lives.

In our case, that 'rain' is the Spirit of God who lives within us and gives us life. Life that enables us to live the way God intended and also to love God and each other the way God intended. That rain waters our life when things seem to have dried out and just as Solomon says, there is a time for everything. The trouble with not having understanding is that we wrongly expect there to be rain all day everyday because we feel that would be better. There are meant to be dry seasons because there are other things that need to happen during the dry season so that when the rain comes, the work is complete and life can spring forth.

You know that idea you have, it's lying dormant because the rain of God hasn't fallen to give life to it yet. Not because it's not a good idea, but because there is a time coming when the heavens will open and the rain will pour down. Pray for that rain and be expectant for that rain. It will come, and when it comes, life will spring forth! In every area of our lives, the Spirit of God will always be our Helper because that is the job God assigned to His Spirit. Our role is to understand and be fruitful when that help (rain) comes so that the cycle God set is complete. Because God always finishes what He starts.

God bless you!

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