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It Takes Two

🎶🎶It takes two to make a thing go right… 🎶🎶

If you’ve watched The Proposal (with my faves, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds), you know the scene this song is from. If you haven’t watched this movie, stop what you’re doing right now and go have yourself a relaxing movie night. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Anyway, like I was saying, it takes two - to tango, to make a thing go right, etc. - and two are better than one! In this post, I'm sharing my reflections on why two people committing to achieving a mission is better than one going at it alone.

The number two holds significant meaning in the bible and symbolises union/division and also opposites. We see this right at the beginning of the bible in Genesis when two different sources of light were created to work opposite each other to serve different but very similar purposes. When God created man, He created the opposite of man to serve different but very similar purposes. The sun and the moon have very different functions but ultimately achieve the same goal of being a source of light, albeit in different forms. Man and woman have very different roles but work together to accomplish a God-given mandate and purpose. Two people coming together in any type of relationship is better than one person going at it alone.

There are so many bible verses (proverbs, mostly) that highlight the wisdom of two people coming together in unity. If you're reading this post and you're in a situation where you're attempting to do something by yourself, consider the people God has placed around you. Are you dismissing the value that person can add to what God has called you to do, because of something they have done or said? How does that affect you and what God has called you to do? Jethro (Moses's father-in-law) saw the wisdom of Moses appointing elders to share the burden of leading the children of Israel. Were they not obstinate, petulant and altogether miserable most times? Of course, but there were also amongst them, those who had less of those bad characteristics so could help Moses to accomplish the great task he'd been given.

Here are some great benefits to working as part of a partnership:

  1. You get the help you need (Exodus 18:18-20)

  2. A different perspective is always valuable (Joshua & Caleb provided a report that was different to that of their fellow spies)

  3. There are two (or more) people accomplishing the task God has set

  4. You'll get more done, quicker

  5. You hold each other accountable

Reconsider that person you've discounted because they don't meet YOUR criteria and think about why God has brought them to you or you to them. Remember, God does not judge by the outward appearance (1 Samuel 16:7) so ask God to show you how to see things the way He does. The people around you will start to look very different...

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 20, 2021

Thank you for this blog, it is very inspiring. God bless you

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