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How to show your zeal (love) for God

Earlier this week, I shared a post about how God accomplishes so many things with zeal, driven by love and compassion to ensure we have everything we need. With the same zeal God has that pushes Him to leave the 99 for the 1, there needs to be an appreciation of the love that’s given freely given and received by us. There is NO WAY we can ever come close to matching the love God has for us but there are ways we can show our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the wonderful gifts we receive from Him.

  1. Obedience: If you haven’t read 1 Samuel 15, I highly encourage it as it illustrates, perfectly, how much God values obedience to His word. God values obedience more than any act or sacrifice to appease disobedience. In verse 22 if this chapter, God tells Saul “To obey is better than sacrifice….”

  2. Testimony: In business marketing, one of the most valued signs of loyalty to a brand is word of mouth. The passing on of information that others need to benefit from, which pleases the business to no end as it shows just how much they are valued by their customers. In Psalm 145:4, David writes of generations speaking of the wonderful acts of God. Can you imagine the joy when the name of God is being praised from one generation to the next?

  3. Worship: there are so many ways of honouring God in our daily life. Our lives should incorporate acts of worship on a daily basis and I will write a separate post to go into more detail about how we do this. Worship itself is simply acknowledging how much God means to us so it goes without saying God will always be honoured in our worship.

  4. Faith: Last but definitely not the least, without faith it is impossible to please God. There’s not much else to say here. At the most fundamental level, our belief in God, acknowledging He is God, pleases God to no end! Every day we wake up and thank Him, pray to Him, praise Him, He is listening and speaking back. He is accomplishing His will through us and even in our interactions with each other. He is God.

If you’re not sure how you can show God how much He means to you, or are not even honouring God for the love He shows us, start today. By trusting Him. Believing in Him. Allowing Him to lead you and having faith that He is still looking out for you. Ahead of you. Behind you. Always with you.

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