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Hannah Bible Study

Hey guys, hope your week is going well so far! I'm looking forward to the end of the week when I can have a long bank holiday weekend. To stay indoors. And Netflix and chill. And read. And eat more cookies! :)

Anyway, I wanted to share some points from one of our bible study meetings a few weeks ago, about Hannah. I love the story of Hannah so much because it inspires persistence and hope. Though a short one, the story of Hannah is one I think of when I'm waiting for what I've prayed for. Here are a few points we picked out:

  • Hannah had a good prayer habit: her family took the annual trip to Shiloh to take part in worship and offering to God. This discipline of praying cannot be forgotten because we are encouraged to pray without ceasing, no matter the circumstance. Prayer helps keep us in line with God's will and it's in prayer we receive strength and direction. Don't forget, God had closed Hannah's womb and prayers caused God to remember her.

  • She endured shame during her process: Oftentimes, when we carry something others cannot see, the level of respect/honour they give us diminishes and they might even mock you. Peninnah did exactly did because she had children and Hannah didn't. David was mocked when he offered to kill Goliath - little did they know... When God takes you through a process, it might not be clear to those around which is why you absolutely need to have trust and confidence in God and God alone!

  • Beware of 'encouragement' that stops your yearning/dampens your desires: Elkanah loved his wife and, obviously wanting Hannah to be content with what she had (or didn't have), tried to convince her to give up her dreams of having children. When David offered to kill Goliath, he was kindly directed back to his sheep but he stood firm because of the trust he had in God. Do not let anyone take away your hope and desires because when we walk in His will and purpose, His desires become our desires!

  • Hannah didn't just carry a child when her prayers were answered; she carried purpose! Listen, there is so much more to what you are asking God for! There is a reason God has placed that desire in your heart. Hannah's desires drove her to surrender to God's will, which was to dedicate her son to the Lord. Her son who would be the prophet of God. Peninnah had children first, sure, but Hannah carried God's purpose. What a shame it would've been if Hannah had settled and stopped praying for the desires of her heart.

We all carry something; hopes, dreams and desires that are so much more than what we (& others) think. Do not allow anyone to tell you (including yourself) that your dreams are too big, or that it's too late. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!

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