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Book Review: God is a Matchmaker

God is a matchmaker by Derek Prince

I listened to this audiobook at the start of the year and after finishing it, immediately started to listen again from the beginning. God is a matchmaker, as the title states, explains the role of God given purpose in marriage and how the coming of two individuals who trust in God is divinely orchestrated. In this book, Derek Prince gives an account of how he met his first wife, Lydia, and how God used them both to fulfil his purpose for their lives. Listening to his account of their meeting and his life before and after this, it's very easy to see that God doesn't work within the limitations of human understanding.

Straightaway, the book challenged my own beliefs/expectations about meeting a spouse and what it actually means to trust in God for a spouse. The biblical principles referenced are more focused on our relationship with God and Derek does a great job of highlighting how focus on God can actually help illuminate your path to a spouse. In his account of his meeting with his second wife, Ruth, it's very clear to see how Derek continued to trust in God even when things didn't look the way he (& others) expected. There is also a wonderful account from Ruth about her own journey to meeting Derek and how God had ministered to her and given her a deep conviction about her future with him, despite her own health challenges.

Aside from the accounts from both, Derek Prince also highlights some of the external factors that need to be considered when trusting God for a spouse, including influence from outsiders, the role of parents and pastors and the blessings that come with a divine match. All in all, I highly recommend this book to both single and married individuals as there's a lot that can be learned about the primary relationship for both individuals before and after the divine match has been made. I really hope you take the time to read or listen to this book - you will definitely be blessed!

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