Benefits of having a mentor

Mentor (noun): an experienced and trusted adviser

Hey guys, hope you're looking forward to the weekend! I am excited for the weekend and hopefully I can organise myself enough to plan something fun to do 😁. Anyway, I don't think I've ever talked about mentoring on my blog which is a HUGE shock 😳 because this is something I'm super passionate about. I am a big believer in mentoring partnerships because there are so many benefits to having someone who understands the journey you're on and can share and point you to a different perspective when you need it. Whilst the word 'mentor' is never explicitly stated in the bible, there are examples where individuals played this role to help others accomplish the task they have been set by God. In some of the these examples, removing the mentor's impact would make you wonder how those individuals would have done what needed to be done.

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22

Here are five benefits of having a mentor:

  1. Sounding board: don't underestimate the feeling of being listened to and having someone who listens to you. A mentor can be an excellent sounding board, allowing you to vent or even talk through your thoughts before making an important decision.

  2. Clarity: a mentor can bring clarity to a situation that seems impossible/unclear, where you 'can't see the wood for the trees'. With their role on the outside of your situation, they can point you in the right direction.

  3. Advice: a key component of mentorship is the advice that they give. A mentor usually has a level of experience that can make them an excellent source of advice. They are usually the people who can see things sitting down that you can't see standing up 😏

  4. Accountability: yeah, they'll set you straight all right. When you have someone who's invested in your future as much as you are, there's no stopping you even when procrastination hits. They'll help you clear those blockages, sharp sharp!

  5. Not in competition: they're genuinely not looking for any glory or credit for themselves. You know those people who want to take credit for helping you reach a destination? A Godly mentor isn't that. They play their role, like how God instructs, and they give God the glory. Simples.


Now, everything I've said so far sounds amazing doesn't it? Yeah, it does. And it totally is amazing, except for if you get it wrong. It's very easy to get this wrong because so many people these days present themselves to be mentors when in reality, they're not. You need to be able to discern in order to choose a mentor wisely. Following the wrong (ungodly, unsolicited, evil) counsel can lead to so much destruction and even throw you off the course of your destiny. So you see why it's the one thing you cannot get wrong. Ultimately, we look to God as our Might Counsellor because even the best most Godly mentors get their wisdom and guidance from God Himself. If they get it from anywhere else, RUN!

I'm gonna stop here because I think you get the point. I pray God will direct your steps to a mentor who will help you become the best version of who God has created you to be. No errors, no evil, no getting it wrong. Amen!

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