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Boaz: A Godly Man

Ladies, where you at? How many times have we prayed for a Boaz? As the saying goes, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you meet your prince. I wouldn't want that for any though! During the month of September, our bible study group studied the book of Ruth and we learnt so much! After it was laid on my heart to do this series, I asked God what new lessons could be learned as I'm not quite a relationship expert and didn't want to just focus on that. For each session, we looked at all the individuals in the book of Ruth to understand how God had used them and also assess the qualities they had that made them such great vessels of God. Here are a few things we learnt about Boaz:

  • Humble: Now, we didn't know what the normal practice was for rich field owners when they visited their fields but we definitely agreed that the description of Boaz's behaviour was one of humility. In addition to ensuring he greeted his harvesters, he even went on to notice Ruth and make sure she had something to take home with her at the end of the day! Additionally, in chapter 3, when Ruth lays at his feet, he is humbled by the fact that she would choose him over the younger men.

  • Generous: In that same example in chapter 2 of Ruth, Boaz didn't question why Ruth would come to harvest from his field. He had absolutely no issue with Ruth working on his field. Her expectation was to pick up the pieces that were left by his workers; he ensured that they left more than pieces and she had a good harvest to take back home. In chapter 3, Boaz continued this pattern of behaviour by giving Ruth extra gain to take for both herself and Naomi! What a nice man!

  • Godly: As part of the first description of Boaz, he is very quick to bless the lives of those around him in addition to saying prayers of blessing over Ruth for her kindness to Noami and her choice to serve God.

  • Smart: What can I say, Boaz knew a good woman when he saw one and did what he needed to to make her his wife. After enquiring about Ruth and hearing about what a noble woman she was, Boaz was quick to consult the elders and do what was required to make her his wife.

In conclusion, ladies, when it comes to meeting the right man, they are out there and they hold all these Godly qualities and more! I hope this very short list gives you an idea of the kind of Godly man you deserve and will raise a family with. It's not enough to just be a goodly man, they must be GODLY too!

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